Find A Home


Marks Out Of Tenancy is a great place to share your renting experiences to improve renting, but how do you find a good place to live?

We're regularly asked questions like: 'Do you know any places to rent in Newcastle that accept pets?', 'What are the best wheelchair accessible places to rent in Cardiff?', 'We're looking to move to Nottingham. Do you have any places to rent?"

Marks Out Of Tenancy isn't a property portal, you can't rent places through our website - but we've built a tool that can help you to find a good letting agent and a great place to call home.

Introducing 'Find A Home', a free tool to help you find a decent letting agent.

Fill in the boxes to tell the site where you're looking to rent, minimum number of bedrooms, rough budget and the minimum star rating the letting agent has on Marks Out Of Tenancy.

We'll then contact a bunch of letting agents in the town or city you want to live and connect you up.
Everyone's a winner!