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13 May 2020
In my belief they:
Refused to let us in when our tenancy started until we kicked up a fuss
Refused to give us a signed copy of our contract until a month after we moved in
Refused to give us a copy of our inventory or deposit scheme information
Rarely give 24hrs notice
Entered our property without telling us when we weren't in multiple times
Visited our property frequently and unnecessarily
Refused to tell us who our landlord actually is (as they've used a false identity)
Refused to get someone to look at our boiler for over a month despite us telling them it was leaking
Said they had fixed it when they hadn't
Left us without hot water, heating or a shower for days and made no alternative arrangements
Failed to reply to emails
Made false threats of bullying when we complained to them
Misled about a reduction in the rent price
Gave out our personal details to contractors without permission to arrange repairs (they almost never arrange their own repairs)
Refused to give us reports including from the council inspection and regarding any work on our boiler
Told me to f*ck off when I rang them
Failed to tell us any details of how we paid bills when we asked and didn't even tell us who our suppliers were
Left us with a front door we couldn't lock for nearly two weeks
Left me with a broken window for around 3 months
Misled about the price of bills
Misled about how we controlled the heating and misled in the energy performance certificate (which they failed to provide)
Failed to provide a how to rent book
Said all the information was in a welcome pack that didn't exist or we never received
I will add most of these problems have now been sorted but I took months and only with the intervention of the council. They ignored us repeatedly and only do anything if the council tells them to

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