Oxford Tenants' Union



We are a group of concerned citizens who aim to build a mutual support network and safe space for renters in Oxford, the least affordable city in the UK.

Affordable, safe, habitable and secure housing is a human right (see UN declaration of Human Rights). We want to unit and build a movement for housing justice that makes this a reality.

Currently we are working in the following areas:

  • Building a support network for renters: providing a space for tenants to come and share their problems in a safe space that offers solidarity and anonymity
  • Providing information on renter’s rights
  • Building a database around agents and landlords to rank their cost and quality to highlight issues around rogue landlords and agents
  • Fighting housing discrimination, by standing in solidarity with those faced with housing issues and eviction
  • Raising awareness on Housing Crisis
  • Demanding from the government to enforce the law on landlords and basic Human Rights as per their commitment and engagement in the UN
  • Developing new campaigns and actions relating to specific housing issues in Oxford
  • Empowering individuals and building skills to take action on their own housing situations and to tackle the global housing crisis as a group.

What's it like to rent and live in Oxford? Click the link to find out.