Rent Smart Brighton and Hove



In 2016, The Argus reported that Brighton and Hove was ranked third for having the most people in Private Rented Accommodation out of the UK’s largest 63 towns and cities, with only Oxford and Cambridge ranking higher. It’s clear that something needs to done about renting in the Brighton and Hove area and it’s great to see Rent Smart Brighton and Hove have stepped up to do this.

Our goal is to provide tenants with a space to research and share their experiences of landlords, letting agents, properties and neighbourhoods all over the UK. On Marks Out Of Tenancy, tenants are able to share their experiences by rating and reviewing the four aspects that we consider to make up a tenancy; landlord, letting agent, property and neighbourhood. We also allow users to rate specific desirable characteristic of each of these aspects, compiled through consultation with tenants action groups, local councils, charities and think tanks, for instance the quality of repairs by a landlord or the soundproofing of a property.

One Brighton tenant, Chris, said “Renting in Brighton can be a nightmare. It’s so hard to tell the difference between good and bad landlords, or letting agents. After looking at Marks Out Of Tenancy, it’s definitely something I’d like to use to see who tenants’ recommend and who they suggest you avoid, I hope Brighton embraces it as much as Bristol has”.

Tenants reviewing their letting providers doesn’t just help other tenants, our reviews help groups like Rent Smart Brighton & Hove to ensure they can target issues and areas in the private rented sector that tenants are having the most problems with. It’s a space in which tenants’ voices can be heard and working with groups like Rent Smart Brighton & Hove means that tenants’ experiences are directly influencing agents of change in the city. We want to bring all participants together; landlords, letting agents, tenants, action groups, and anyone else who has has an involvement in renting privately, to make renting better and bring transparency to the sector.