University of Salford Students' Union


We're excited to be teaming up with Marks Out Of Tenancy, a pioneering new scheme which allows you, the tenants, to review your property, estates agency and landlord for the benefit of future students!

If your experience in your student digs has been class, GREAT! TELL PEOPLE! If you've had a nightmare and wouldn't recommend your place, GRIM! TELL PEOPLE! It's about time we started being open and honest about the state of housing around Salford, so we've teamed up with one of the UK's best tenancy rating schemes to help you leave honest and helpful reviews of your properties, so that anyone looking to move to Salford can be sure that they've found the right place for them! 

 - Kobby Ofori, President @ Salford Students' Union

What's it like to rent and live in Salford? Click the link to find out.