Tenants' Tools

Renting? Looking for somewhere to keep all your tenancy images, documents, contacts and notes?

We're always told to take pictures of the place as we move in [link is PDF], keep all tenancy-related stuff safe, take meter readings and hold on to it all as a record.
There are loads of apps and websites for landlords and letting agents to keep all their stuff safe - why shouldn't tenants have the same?

We asked our users if they'd find it useful. They said they would, so we built it.

When you move in, take pictures of everything, upload them to your secure, safe, private tenancy section on Marks Out Of Tenancy.
Documents have their own place, as do Contacts and Notes.

📷 Images are date and time stamped to show exactly what day and time they were taken.
If you've got 'Save Location' switched on when you took the images, the location will also show.
This will help to reduce any problems with disputes over when or where the image was snapped.
You can whack all your different pictures and docs in different folders to make sure they're all neatly organised.

You can upload 📨 Documents too. Keep your tenancy agreement, EPC certificate, gas certificate, the 'How To Rent' guide book (which features Marks Out Of Tenancy), letters from your landlord or letting agent.

We recently spoke to an Advice Centre Manager who retold a story of a tenant who'd been locked out of their flat over the weekend because they didn't have a backup of their landlord's number and the letting agent was closed. You can store useful contacts details in our not-very-innovatively-named 📇 'Contacts' section.

Any scribbles or stuff you'd stick on the fridge door can go in 🗒️ 'Notes'. Meter readings, customer reference numbers, boyfriends birthday, list of people who you've allowed Netflix access to, and everything else.

Everything is safe, secure and private. Nothing is public. None of your pics, docs, contacts or notes appear on the live site for anyone else.
It's all backed up by us to make sure nothing's lost, ready to download when you need access again.

When you come to move out hit the 'Download All' button and everything will be compressed and downloaded as a pack that can be sent off to your landlord, letting agent or the deposit protection agencies in one go.

The best bit? It's free. There's no cost at all.

To get started, sign in to your account and start using Tenants' Tools right away!

Renters, we've got your back.