Introducing 'Tenants' Tools'

We’ve made Marks Out Of Tenancy even more useful for tenants

Marks Out Of Tenancy Launches 'Tenants' Tools'

Imagine living in a gorgeous home for a couple of blissful years, helpful letting agents and a great landlord, only to have a huge disagreement at the end of your tenancy about whether the burn mark on the living room carpet was there when you moved in.
You claim it was there when you moved in, the landlord and letting agent say it wasn't.
Now the deposit is under dispute and the whole situation has snowballed. Stress that nobody needs.

If only you'd listened to literally everyone when they said "Take pictures of EVERYTHING when you move in, so when you come to moving out you'll have a record"!

Over the past few months we spoke to hundreds of tenants and asked them what they felt could help them feel more empowered and in control of their tenancies.
One of the most commonly requested features was a safe, secure, private storage for everything relating to their tenancy.

So, we built the 'Tenants' Tools'.


An Image Gallery for users to store before and after pictures of their rented accommodation.
Take snaps of the house or flat when you move in, take the same pictures again at the end and run a comparison.
Was the burn mark there on day one or not?
When you upload images, our sytem will show the exact time and date the image was taken, and if you've allowed your mobile to 'Save location', the GPS location will show up too.
This is great for being able to prove to the deposit protection schemes exactly where and when the picture was taken.
Images are only visible to you, they don't show on the property review and are completely secure.
Different folders can be used to keep images in order.
Keep kitchen pics in the 'Kitchen' folder, images from when water leaked from upstairs flat in the 'Water leak' folder and prove the garden was in a better state when you moved out in the 'Garden pics' folder.

Need to send off all the images to MyDeposits / TDS / DPS?
Just click the 'Download All' button and all images in all folders will be zipped up and downloaded for you.

But what about your tenancy-related documents? Need somewhere safe, secure and private to keep them?
We've got your back with secure, private Document Storage.

You can keep all your tenancy docs like your tenancy agreement, EPC certificate, Gas safety certificates, bills, letters from the landlord etc all in one place.
We've made it super easy for you to store documents, access them really easy and of course download them quickly so you can send them off to the deposit protection agencies in a couple of clicks.
We've made it as easy as possible for you to have a bit more control over your tenancy.

What's the cost?
Nothing, zilch, zero, nada.
Create an account for free and start using the Tenants' Tools.

But wait there’s more…
On top of Images and Documents, we’re adding Contacts (to store your Landlord's number, emergency plumber, the letting agent's out of hours mobile), Notes (Anything that you'd stick to the fridge door), and a Notice Letter Generator to help you write a compliant notice letter that can be written with a few clicks and fired off to the landlord and letting agent.
All to be released over the next few weeks.

We started Marks Out Of Tenancy on a mission to make renting better.
Every tenant deserves to feel in control, empowered and safe in their homes.
Adding ‘Tenants’ Tools’ to the toolbox take us another step further in our mission.

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