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Find unlicensed landlords / properties

Use Marks Out Of Tenancy to identify landlords who should be licensed, but aren't.

Hunt rogue landlords and letting agents

We're working with local authorities to help them identify rogue landlords and letting agents.

Housing Act 2004

Section 3 states under the heading 'Local housing authorities to review housing conditions in their districts': A local housing authority must keep the housing conditions in their area under review with a view to identifying any action that may need to be taken by them under any of the provisions mentioned in subsection (2). (Source)

Find unlicensed HMOs

Landlords who are determined to break the law will not apply for a HMO licence.
Use our market intelligence to help you find unlicensed HMOs

‘Report A Hazard’

A simple, easy-to-use digital form enabling renters to report hazards in their homes.
Tenants are guided step-by-step through the form, adding comments and uploading images of the hazards.
Completed reports are available immediately to Environmental Health Officers, saving time, money and resources.

Is this landlord a ‘fit and proper person’ ?

Use real customer feedback when making licensing decisions.

Use a hybrid regulatory / market-driven approach

Don't take our word for it though, read the research:
Page 32 of CaCHE's 'The private rented sector in the UK' - An overview of the policy and regulatory landscape by Professor Alex Marsh (University of Bristol) and Professor Ken Gibb (University of Glasgow), in the context of landlord licensing states: "Equally importantly, technological developments open up possibilities for new forms of accreditation operating outside the control of local or national government. One such recent development is the Marks Out of Tenancy website that invites tenants to provide a TripAdvisor style rating for their landlord, agent, property or the area in which it is located."

Marks Out Of Tenancy does not replace or threaten landlord licensing, it bolsters it.

Find landlords who accept tenants on housing benefit

When signing up for an account on Marks Out Of Tenancy, landlords tell the site if they accept tenants on housing benefit.

Verified reviews, legally compliant, timely data

Secure local authority access provides everything you'll need.

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We're already included in MHCLG's 'How To Rent' guidebook.
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