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What do you use as a PRS feedback tool?

There's a divide between 'good landlords' and 'bad landlords'.
But who decides which camp the landlord is in?
The tenant matters, they are the customer, they've lived in the property, they've lived the experience.

So why not listen to their feedback?
We provide local authorities, landlords and letting agents with customer intelligence to help drive improvements and positive change.

Do you operate a voluntary landlord accreditation scheme?

Remember the last time you saw some terrible driving and asked "How did they get a license?!"
Having a driving license doesn't necessarily mean you're a good driver.

PRS tenant feedback on Marks Out Of Tenancy can be used to compliment landlord accreditation schemes.
When writing reviews, tenants rate their landlord and/or letting agent, the actual property itself and the neighbourhood they've lived in.
Landlord accreditation schemes often accredit just the landlord, not the property.
Tenants leave feedback on the landlord and the property.
Use data from tenants to compliment your landlord accreditation scheme and help raise standards.

Does your local authority operate a landlord licensing scheme?

How much time and money does it take for you to find the rogues?
You can use tenant's reviews to unearth landlords who should be, but aren't licensed.
Once verified by our system, reviews are immediately available, complete with property address and landlord's name.

How easy is it for you to find landlords who accept tenants on housing benefit?

How much time and money do you spend finding landlords who accept housing benefit?
When signing up for an account on Marks Out Of Tenancy, landlords tell the site if they accept tenants on housing benefit.
This information can be made immediately available to you.

Who else uses Marks Out Of Tenancy?

Reviews on Marks Out Of Tenancy are verified to ensure the person writing the review actually lived in the property.
We're included in Ministry of Housing's 'How To Rent' guidebook.
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