Whether you're a single-property or portfolio landlord, your tenants, your customers are using Marks Out Of Tenancy to tell others about their renting experiences.

We live in a world where access to information is ever easier. Nowhere is as important as the place we call home, so it's vital that when tenants share information about their renting experiences, that information is processed and displayed in a respectful, progressive and professional manner.

The review website has been built specifically for the seller / buyer, landlord / tenant relationship, once registered with Marks Out Of Tenancy you'll be notified of new reviews, and replying back to tenant reviews gives you an opportunity to engage and tell your side of the story.
So rather than waiting for your tenants to review you on Facebook, blogs or Twitter, direct them towards Marks Out Of Tenancy - we built it for you.

How does Marks Out Of Tenancy protect landlords from defamation and defamatory content?

All reviews pass through filters that check review content for defamatory or potentially defamatory text.
The same filters are used when you reply to a tenant.

How does Marks Out Of Tenancy protect landlords from malicious ratings?

We use Bayesian weighting algorithms to calculate rating scores on Marks Out Of Tenancy.
To get a 10 out of 10 score a landlord needs to get several 10 out of 10 ratings.
Similarly to get a 1 out of 10 score a landlord needs to get several 1 of out 10 ratings.
The more reviews a landlord gets, the 'truer' the rating becomes.
Using this system we protect landlords against malicious ratings affecting your landlord score.

How does the Marks Out Of Tenancy review process work?

We created Marks Out Of Tenancy to be as useful as possible for everyone involved in the tenancy process.
Tenants rate (with numbers) and review (with words) the interactions they had with the landlord and/or letting agent, the property they've rented and the neighbourhood they lived in.
Want to know how a specific letting agent treats tenants? Just click on the letting agents profile to see all their reviews neatly organised together.
Want to know what a tenant thought about living in a particular neighbourhood? Click on the neighbourhood profile.
Want to see how different tenants have rated a property? Click on the property profile.
Or you can see how their entire tenancy experience fitted together on one page.

Why is Marks Out Of Tenancy good for landlords?

As a professional landlord you'll know there are hundreds of pieces of legislation you have to adhere to.
Licenses, fees, databases, and certifications all need to be kept up-to-date.
These have been put in place by central and local government in an attempt to reduce the number of unsavoury, rogue and often illegal operators.
But they continue to operate.
Historically there was no way for a tenant or a local authority to know if a landlord was good or bad.
All landlords were tarred with the same brush.
We built Marks Out Of Tenancy to help the market forces to drive improvement rather than rely on regulatory forces to do so.
More and more legislation won't root out the rogue landlords, but reviews from their tenants will.
It's polarising the decent, hard-working, law-abiding landlords apart from the bad.

What do landlords get when they sign up to Marks Out Of Tenancy?

Respond to tenant reviews
Proudly display your landlord association or affiliation badges
Let tenants know if you accept housing benefit
Secure and verify your landlord profile
Receive notifications as soon as you're reviewed

What's the cost for a landlord to sign up to Marks Out Of Tenancy?

Nothing, there is no fee.