What is Marks Out Of Tenancy and why should I be interested?

Marks Out Of Tenancy is a review website that enables tenants to rate and review their landlord and/or letting agent, rental property and neighbourhood.

Customer feedback and reviews are a part of our day-to-day lives.

We ask other people for their opinions on resturants, holiday destinations, and hotels - now the same model is available to tenants. This review information enables tenants to make better decisions on where and who to rent from.

But it's important for both sides of the story to be heard, which is why our balanced and impartial system allows landlords to respond to comments.

Agencys and tenants can also use tenants reviews to find the best letting agents in a particular area.

What do I get for £24?

  • Respond to tenant reviews
  • Proudly display your landlord association or affiliation badges
  • Let tenants know if you accept housing benefit
  • Secure and verify your landlord profile
  • Receive notifications when you're reviewed
  • Receive notifications when your replies have been responded to

We understand that being a good landlord is hard work.

Marks Out Of Tenancy exists to help promote good landlords using tenant's feedback.
Working together we can collectively polarise you good landlords from the not-so-good landlords.

You've earned it.

Commonly asked questions

I get all my tenants through word-of-mouth, I don't need a website.

  • That may have been the case, but renting is changing.
    Embrace the change or you could fall behind those who are moving with the times.

I don't need a website to prove I'm a good landlord.

  • More and more people turn to the internet for answers, research and reviews.
    Your future tenants expect you to have a reputable internet presence to show you're a good landlord.
    Your landlord profile on Marks Out Of Tenancy is exactly that.

Who else thinks this is a good idea?

  • Agency associations, local authorities and tenants across the UK see Marks Out Of Tenancy as a positive tool to help good landlords polarise themselves away from the not-so-good.

What if a tenants leaves a defamatory comment about me?

  • We take potential defamation very seriously. In addition to technological safeguards we have in place which reduce the likihood of defamation reviews being posted, we will take reviews or comments that are reported as potentially defamatory off the website and request additional information from the tenant.

Is my data safe?

Can landlords review letting agents?

  • No.

Can landlords rate tenants?

  • No.

How do I sign up?

Agency registration process:

  1. Fill in the form below to capture your landlord profile
  2. You'll receive an email confirming registration
  3. Complete the payment of £24 and you get immediate access to your profile page
    Still have some questions? Reach us at membership@marksoutoftenancy.com