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BBCThe websites helping renters fight rogue landlords

The GuardianBad landlords beware, there is now a way for tenants to fight back.

The Bristol PostThe reason landlords are threatening to take legal action against Marks Out of Tenancy.

The TelegraphRogue landlords and agents get named and shamed.

Newcastle ChronicleEver had a bad experience with a landlord? Could this 'Tripadvisor for renters' change things?

The Bristol CableLevelling renting's uneven playing field.

Age UK  - Marks Out Of Tenancy – Aiding the Private Rental Sector.

Letting Agent TodayMore politicians back controversial site that reviews letting agents.

The CourierStudents’ Association take action to improve private renting experience in St Andrews.

MakeUrMoveCould Marks Out Of Tenancy Offer Additional Credibility to Good Landlords?

SingleParents - Poor Condition of your Rented Property.

Big IssueLandlord rating system hopes to make its mark on rental market.

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