Social Enterprise

Marks Out Of Tenancy is a Social Enterprise.

Our social mission is to improve conditions in the private rental sector.
Marks Out Of Tenancy is a review platform that enables renters to share their experiences. Future renters use these reviews to make better decisions about the places they want to call home.

We've been referred to as a 'pure social enterprise', in that our core aim is to improve the lives of the UK's 12,000,000 renters, and at the same time our commercial product, aimed at letting agents, helps them to improve their customer service levels.

Each and every review on our platform has a direct impact on the life of someone else.
Renters now know who to rent from, what places to rent and where to live.

We reinvest over 51% of our profits back in to the business.

As such, we're proud to be a Social Enterprise UK Certified Member.