Unis and students' unions working with Marks Out Of Tenancy


Reviews are split into different boxes; landlord and/or letting agent, property and neighbourhood so it’s easy to identify what was good, bad or ugly about a tenancy
Landlords and letting agents have the right of reply
Bad word filter stops the obvious, Defamation filter stops potentially defamatory content going live
‘Tenants’ Tools’ helps renters keep all their images, documents, contacts and notes in one place See marksoutoftenancy.com/tenants-tools
‘Renters’ Resources’ articles help answer rights and responsibilities questions
We work with local authorities - have a look at marksoutoftenancy.com/local-authorities


Included in Ministry of Housing’s ‘How To Rent’ guidebook
Promoted by MyDeposits - Bad landlords cause end-of-tenancy disputes, better informed renters avoid bad landlords
We work with a wide range of students’ unions, universities and advice centres nationally
Feel free to contact any of the organisations listed on our Partners page to ascertain how we work together
There’s no legal obligation, contract or cost to ‘partner’ - if you think students would benefit from having more information about what to rent, who to rent from and where to live, tell them about the site
There’s an ever-growing list here: marksoutoftenancy.com/partners


Great ways to get more reviews: Social media, student Facebook groups, include on the ‘Housing Advice’ section on the SU website, Grad Ball ticket prizedraw for everyone who writes a review, Twitter, emailing previous students, TV screens, housing guides, leaflets, community wardens, etc.

Social Enterprise

Our mission is to make renting better, but Developers, marketing and endless travel doesn’t come cheap
So to prove we’re in it for the right reasons, we’ve become a certified Social Enterprise
Check out marksoutoftenancy.com/social-enterprise


Reviews aren’t useful unless the info is fed back to those who need to see it
We provide insights and analytics to letting agents so they can use reviews to make improvements to their customer service levels
We charge per month, per branch for letting agents to get the in-depth analytics
There’s more on this here marksoutoftenancy.com/membership/agent

Things we are

On a mission to improve renting
Like you, we're very aware of the links between poor quality housing, mental health and grades
Helping renters make better informed decisions about the place they want to study, live and call ‘home’
Drastically increasing accountability of landlords and letting agents who’ve previously gone unchecked
Ready to help and support you make renting better

Things we’re not

Funded or influenced by student housing providers, rental websites, banks or ‘the man’
Only interested in puns

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