What's The Best Website To Rate Your Landlord And Read Landlord Reviews?

Like any other business, customers, tenants, renters have the right to share their opinions. But where's best to read landlord ratings?
By Ben Yarrow
28 October 2019


When a landlord landlords, they’re running a business; the business of landlording.
They provide renters with a place to live in exchange for money.

Without the internet, renters would have to get information about what a landlord was like from either the landlord, from a letting agent, from an advert or from a previous tenant.
There’s a few issues with those options:
 - If a landlord is bad, he’s unlikely to tell you,
 - The letting agents wants you to rent from them, they get paid when you do that, so they’re unlikely to tell you about any potential issues,
 - An advert on SpareRoom or Gumtree for a place to live will likely be written by the landlord or a letting agent, again diverting any potential issues under the grubby metaphorical carpet,
 - Previous tenants and potential new tenants rarely meet each other - there always tends to be an airgap between tenants which is great if you’re a bad landlord as no information can spill over.

Remember: you can rate your landlord on Marks Out Of Tenancy.

Nowadays we have the luxury of being able to rate our landlords and review letting agents.
More and more tenants realise there's a seismic shift away from being a voiceless tenant towards being an empowered customer.

 - Is the landlord good or bad? You don’t have to wait for the landlord to tell you - just read landlord reviews on Marks Out Of Tenancy.
 - Is the letting agent telling you porkies? Check to see if someone has rated their landlord on Marks Out Of Tenancy, rather than being led down the garden path.
 - Read an advert on SpareRoom or Gumtree that looks a bit fishy? See if someone’s rated the landlord on Marks Out Of Tenancy.
 - Didn’t get the chance to speak directly with the previous tenants? No hassle at all - check Marks Out Of Tenancy to see if they’ve rated their landlord.

When going through the process of writing a rental review on Marks Out Of Tenancy, reviewers are basically joining a community of renters working together to improve renting.
Landlord ratings and reviews are anonymous because it’s the story that matters, not the person.
Reviewers don’t meet up, there’s no secret Marks Out Of Tenancy club - but as the site continues to build in popularity, more and more renters are working together to have their voices heard.

Rental reviews are made up of 3 or 4 boxes.
Tenants rate their landlord, rate their letting agent or rate their landlord and letting agent.
They then rate and review the property, then they rate and review the neighbourhood they’ve lived in.

Using this approach, questions like "What's this landlord like to rent from?", “Is this letting agent to be trusted?”, "Is this neighbourhood good to bring up my family?", or "Is this property safe enough to live in?" can all be answered before signing a tenancy agreement.

Like any other business, customers, tenants, renters have the right to share their opinions. 
Marks Out Of Tenancy was built for tenants to review their landlord, rate their landlord, and tell other people what their experiences were like.

It’s free to use, you don’t have to sign up to read reviews, it’s not just for student renters, any renter can leave a review. Add all these factors together and this is why Marks Out Of Tenancy is the best website for tenants to rate their landlord and read landlord reviews.

Rate your landlord. Use Marks Out Of Tenancy to help future renters.

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