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10 June 2020
The landlady of this house is just in it for the money and isn't interested in managing her property. I pointed out some problems with the bathroom floor not having been laid properly when I moved in. I told her there would be problems with water seepage but she said it was fine, because that's what her builders told her (well they would, wouldn't they?). Then water got under the Lino just like I told her it would and she used that fact to serve a Section 21 on me, in revenge for getting water under the lino in her brand new bathroom. She then had the nerve to try to keep some of my deposit so that she could put in a brand-new floor covering - to a better standard than the original - at my expense. Luckily, the deposit arbitrator told her to get lost, but she tied up a third of my deposit for 3 months by deliberately delaying the arbitration process. The month before we were supposed to move out, her father moved the sheep feeder into the field next to the house, which caused the most almighty stink. To be fair, that wasn't just aimed at us because our neighbours (her other tenants) had to put up with the same foul smell, but it showed us just how little she cares about the privacy and enjoyment her tenants are entitled to! She didn't bother to give us the EPC either which, as far as I know, is illegal. Avoid this property and this landlady like the plague!

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