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17 November 2022
Always friendly, great communication and always came to solve any issues we had in the house promptly and ensured everything was working properly for us
2 August 2021
DO NOT RENT FROM BRIAN PARRY. He will make your life a living hell. It would be bad enough if he was a terrible landlord, and he accepted that, but he genuinely thinks he does a brilliant job scamming students out of thousands per month, spending pennies on upkeep. He will gaslight you into thinking that you're crazy for expecting basic facilities such as WiFi (not good WiFi, just WiFi in general - we were left as online students with no access at all for a month, with all uni facilities closed due to the pandemc.) If you have a serious issue (broken keys, boiler broken, etc.) he will refuse to travel from his lovely home in Wrexham, instead making you fork out just so you can enter the property. He also enters the house with no warning and without a mask occasionally, only stopping when you remind him he has to give 24 hours notice. Finally, if you ever call him out on any of his lies, he will hold it against you and try to charge you outrageous fees for things you did not do. KEEP AN INVENTORY AND TAKE PICTURES. Because he most certainly will not. Even better, just stay clear from this man at all costs - he rents under Hall Sporting Limited because if you google his name terrible reviews come up. This is only the beginning of the things I could say about him, genuinely.
28 July 2020
Brian Parry is a horrible, greedy person. Do not rent out rooms from him, unless you want break-ins, electricity issues and hot water running out regularly. 13-17 Longford Place houses are freezing during winter and still charging full £541 pcm for a single room. Absolutely terrific moving out experience, Brian is not a trustworthy person at all. He has charged £40 for cleaning service of clean communal areas. This is not just me, but everyone who came in contact with him, says the same. AVOID IF POSSIBLE!!!

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