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11 November 2020
She will attempt to take as much money from your deposit as physically possible. You can be a shining example of a tenant and she will still find something to rob you for.

Whenever issues with the house would arrive we were often told that there was not/could not be an issue and we were made to feel stupid on a regular basis. We had to put up with a broken dryer for two years as she refused to replace it and the downstairs bedroom had mould for two years which she refused to acknowledge until it was time to deduct money from the deposit.

When we had almost the entire render fall off the side of the house (which almost hit one of the tenants about to walk past the side of the house it fell down) she made no effort to quickly rectify the situation or ensure the house was structurally sound. Someone was sent out to simply sweep the debris to the side and nothing else was done about it.

She will 100% take advantage of the fact that this is more than likely your first time renting. Know your rights before you enter into an agreement with this landlord.
11 November 2020
Rif is polite and well organised, but will attempt to get as much money from you as humanly possible. She made us pay council tax even though we were exempt as students, even after the council told her we didn't have to - she still made us. She rarely does any upkeep on the house and refused to acknowledge the dank mould in one of the rooms for 2 years.

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