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4 December 2020
Jenny Fall does not even deserve 1 star. Outrageous and frankly disgusting behaviour towards the tenants. She broke the law multiple times- including letting random workmen into the property on several occasions during a pandemic lockdown to do work such as pulling the floor up in the bathroom etc without permission of the tenants or without telling the tenants she wanted it to happen, which is bad and illegal enough never mind during a pandemic lock down in April/may which risked contamination of the tenants as we visited the house to find the house torn up and they came back when we were there. When we first moved in there was a window broken downstairs, anyone could fit through it to rob the house etc- she knew this and did nothing, then said the tenants had to sort it out before adam and bennet did intervene on this occasion and tell her she had to do it in which it got fixed months later. She deemed someone a lead tenant and would only talk to or through them with complete disregard to the other tenants who barely spoke to the tenant she chose to communicate through. She entered the property herself on several occasions without any permission or warning so broke the tenancy agreement. She was rude to the tenants several times and completely unprofessional. She then tried to restrict giving the deposits back, we had to go to COURT to get the deposits back, in which we did and they said she was being unreasonable! She tried to keep £400 from us of the deposit, and we got basically the full amount left, she also lied multiple times during these court proceedings. This is just a few occasions, I could go on and on AVOID AT ALL COSTS

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