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1 May 2021
Habib is generally uncaring about the property.

The first time I realised this was the first week I moved in. I tried to communicate to Habib that the sink truly was blocked beyond the abilities of a plunger and heavy drain chemicals. He instisted that this was not the case and he could come round and plunge it back it life. Another two days go by and I still cannot wash dishes (no dishwasher anyway). Habib comes round and of course fails to unplunge the sink despire intense effort on his part. He calls a plumber. The plumber arrives two days later (may have been one, not sure). A full week without being able to wash a single dish in my new flat.

The second time was when I requested a hoover for the flat, as there wasn't so much as a dustpan and brush for cleaning up to be found. Habib sits me down and tells me that being a landlord is really, really hard. I am struggling not to laugh as he looks me in the eye and tells me how hard the council is making it for him to do anything for me in terms of providing basic cleaning appliances. A old smelly hoover is then provided to me by Habib on what I can only describe as some sort of ad-hoc hush-hush I'm-doing-you-a-huuuuge-favour here basis.

The thrid time was when our toilet stopped flushing properly. I diagnosed the flapper being damaged and requested a plumber out to sort this. The plumber comes out much later, from Dundee for some reason, and cannot begin the repair as the toilet is so old and limescaled that the bolts literally cannot be unscrewed to inspect the flapper. No worries, just get a new toilet right? Not Habib, he would _never_ spend money on improving the property for any reason, so he instructs the plumber to collect one of Habibs old, previously removed toilets from another house and install it in mine.

In a surprise twist, the toilet does not work. I am left for more than 36 hours without a flushing toilet in my house.

For the fourth and final time, I tried to tell Habib about the neighbours for about four months. He ignored every text I sent. It's quite the scroll through my messages app to find where this one sided conversation started.

When I finally got a repsonse from Habib about the neighbours, with the intention of seeking some rent relief until I found a new property, he told me:
"I would rather sell the property [than give you a rent reduction]". Lovely.

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