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Alan Rathbone in Wales

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Alan Rathbone, Wales

Reviewed 13 May 2021
Landlords rely heavily on rent and will even blame a rusty radiator on your behaviour - despite it being rusty when you moved in. They also frequently mention that they are OAPs in a manner of trying to blackmail you into feeling sorry for them when they perform badly their part of the tenancy agreement. For example, refusing to accept the mould was a structural issue (something with landlords are responsible for) even though a report from a highly accredited company paid for by ourselves explained that the entire property is highly prone to condensation. This resulted in them saying we were making their health poor with no regard that our belongings were damaged and health actually impacted by severe mould issues.

They also will try to illegally evict you if you simply ask for suitable living conditions as they do not want to spend any money on the property to fix this issue. Repairs would cost around £500 from the report made to stop mould on the external walls. Rent is £595 a month. This shows that the property is not well looked after and if you experience any repair issues it will likely result in you having to strongly make a case to get the landlord to take responsibility. Responsibility that they’re legally bound to.

You will be extensively educated on condensation and anything else you ask for as if you are a ten year old child and not someone who is funding their living. You will be asked and expected to sleep in the middle of winter with windows open to stop condensation.
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