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2 September 2021
I was very excited to learn that the landlord accepted pets on application. (the main reason why we chose this property as we have a small girl dog) after being in the property for 6 months we had a video call from the landlord to inspect the property which was fine. a further 6 months went by and we decided to buy our own home and so the landlords attitude switched dramaticallty and requested that they come to visit the property before handing it back (during this time there had been alot of rainfall causing the garden to be overgrown and full of brambles which killed the original shrubs and so we removed them ready to be replaced with new. In the week prior to this, there was a heatwave where the grass was scoulded paired with our dogs urine, it killed the surface of the grass.) The landlord was less than impressed and made us feel as if we had damaged the grass intentionally and ripped up the plants for no good reason. We then contacted a local lawn medic who confirmed that most of the damage was due to the heatwave and the urine patches could definately be treated. Over the period of the next couple of weeks, the landord used our deposit against us in many occasions causing us alot of stress which could have easily been avoided with a simple coversation. I really would recommend the landlord and I wouldnt strongly advise against if you have the option.

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