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4 March 2022
Disrespectful and honestly thinks he's above the law, enters the property without permission. Talks down to you and thinks he's better than you, refused to repair heating during winter as he was away. Told me to put jumpers on. Knowing we have 2 kids. 2 weeks it took to get sorted. Messed through my belongings and moved things if it wasn't where he would like it to be. Very controlling. Also let himself in whilst we were watching tele
9 March 2022
MARTIN RAFE replied:
The tenant signed a contract and as a landlord I bent over backwards to sort out sink, water leak and heating issues. Our relationship was fine, and informal although requests to enter the house were always made. The tenant wanted to get out of their contractual obligations and tried to make it appear that I had been in the house without his ok - a witness can state otherwise, and in no way did I go through belongings, myself nd heating engineer merely went into rooms to check radiator working. In essence this tenant showed himself to be what he is, and put simply wanted to get out of his contractual obligations. At a later point he turned up at the property evidencing aggressive and intimidating behaviour for which I was forced to call police

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