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8 April 2022
Worst landlords ever had. Dishonest, actively working to squeeze every penny, absolutely broke and negligent with tenant security privacy. Do not rent here unless ok with fixing stuff your self and ok with no privacy or security.

David and How Walker are truly horrible landlords. David has been removed from something like (38) companies per public records which is not surprising once you kmow him as a landlord. He is smiles but we found completely working against the tenant. Their mindset is blame the tenant, don’t fix even things clearly expressed and sold as part and parcel of the lease and push rents change terms mid contract etc etc.
They are also disconnected from the poor quality of their constructed homes ( as David project managed, he is Uber defensive about the quality and blames all tenants. Reference 6-7 contractors whom came through the house in our 2.5 years all expressed that the installations were cheap poor quality or just not standard practice and rationale for it working. )

David spends his time finding ways to jack rent, not pay to fix things and push costs to the tenants.
Landlords also own neighbor identical (mirror image) home. We know these neighbors well ( go by and visit the property and make sure to knock on the neighbors on both sides for input. Eyes wide open and all)
The previous neighbor tenants (also in Walkers house) are some of our covid best friends and had to to sue for deposit and then won. Our inventory clerk and agents and advisors have all been aghast as they see how these landlords treat all people and their tenants.

In the end, we had just increased rent 7 % in contract for year 3 and a day later he requested 15% more! We said first david please fix all outstanding items and then we can discuss. He promptly served notice and we mutually broke contract 5 months early. Wouldn’t even let’s us serve our contract and we have school age and base our let’s around school year. Simple terrible people to deal with in any fashion beware.

The relief we feel from not living in David and How’s house is incredible. The river and swans in your yard can only balance the toxicity of david and his rants and the house simply not working like you are paying for, for so long.

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