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Zheng Investments in London

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Zheng Investments, London

Reviewed 12 July 2022
TENASURE PROPERTIES are not paying their bills which are included on your contract, and with time you will start getting bills on your name such water or council tax. For over 5 months I had to chase TENASURE PROPERTIES to sort out their bill, only when the bill start showing on my credit file, thames water fraud managers got involved and I had to share the documentation I am not liable to pay this bill and threatening the rent will not be paid until was sorted, then they have taken ownership of this bill.
TENASURE PROPERTIES will try to milk any penny you have with them, due to a family member loss my friend had to travel overseas, I had to take care of her puppy which stayed in the house only 2 days and before doing so I have informed all tenants that a puppy will be held 2 days in the house. Then Gabriel Okuyemi start telling I am getting a fine, I have questioned to point me on the contract where is written this, which he couldn't answer me as this was not written anywhere.
A total mislead from the beginning to the end, the property was advertised for professionals only and only after I rented I found out what hell was underneath which made go and lived at my sister for a while. We lived with an alcoholic for over 4 months which was about to blow up the house, as always was so drunk and leaving the cooker on, broken plates everywhere and so on, students which was up until morning smoking weed and welcoming guests till morning; which such environment is not suitable at all for a decent working person.
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Zheng Investments, London

Reviewed 11 July 2022
AVOID AVOID AVOID !!! Better go and pay a bit more for a trustworthy high street agency, than paying for hidden scam behind the name TENASURE PROPERTIES which is part of a pyramid scheme fraud together with First District and Smartlodge Properties. From being asked subtle for favours to do viewings for their rooms to charge you unlawfully for a repair which was done also for the other rooms from your own money, only because you seen the issue and reported it first.
Gabriel Okuyemi is behind this pyramid scheme fraud which will also be the one advertising and renting these properties.
Also, the contract will be given to you in a digital form to sign which they still have access to it and with time they are crossing over things in the contract which give favours to themselves, so please be careful before signing such thing. He will keep saying your deposit is protected and no certificate provided to show you, this has been verified with 3 agencies which provide deposit protection scheme and no deposit was registered in none of the tenants names were living at Jason Walk SE9 or under this address.

Another scam is 2 months notice, DO NOT FALL IN SUCH HOLE because you will end up paying 1 month rent or 2 on 2 properties, because you will not wait last minute to rent another property. All tenants that left the property went through the same turmoil, going financially under stress as will end up paying for 2 properties for one month and begging for the deposit back.
They are using fake websites and fake landline contact numbers, when you are calling they will tell never heard of this company and as soon you start enquire, their website and number will be deleted from their emails.
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