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13 October 2020
From the very beginning, we agreed 6 months lease and then he said he won’t give it us unless we do 1 year. Even after we’ve already agreed in writing with the agent for the 6 month clause. We had no choice but to take the property as we had no other options at the time.
Not a man of his word and will try and jib you for every penny.
When we left he charged us for a number of things and refused to refund us after we justified why we didn’t need to be deducted the extra costs.
We threatened to report him and he even threatened us back saying he will report us for damaging his property - which we didn’t do.
Also he is dodgy af - he only communicates by phone call to avoid things being in writing.
Please do yourself a favour and avoid this man.
I want to know why this man is still allowed to be a landlord.
15 December 2017
K S Doogal Lettings. Sounds good, right?
Even if it sounds corporate this is just a man and his greed. He hides behind a company name just to have a better excuse to drain all your money. You better go for an agency as it would be way cheaper.

He loves money (I know, who doesn’t?) but in a very insane way. He would try to get money from you for everything, before during and after your tenancy.

He’s rude, dark, intolerant and probably not educated in what we understand as normal standards. He will not answer your calls if it’s not interested and he will never have any communication with you by email as he avoids all type of written prove of his words. He will say things over the phone and deny them minutes later. Sometimes you would even doubt about his mental health condition but he’s not crazy, he’s just a bad person and an evil character.

Read carefully what you sign and good luck if you manage to see a copy of the contract at any point. You will end signing a bunch of probably illegal stuff and many high and endless charges that you would need to face at some point. He would expect you to pay for big and small things such as printed copy of the contract, obviously because he does not want to share anything signed by him.

If he manages to send any documents, they will be written in a horrible and childish way, with the wrong spelling, messed lower and capital letters, even with your name written in the wrong way… but that’s not going to stop him to charge a good amount of money for admin fees. That’s how hard is for him to send a miserable document. Ignorance is expensive.

He’s not respectful with anyone but especially with women, he will make your life miserable and you are lost if you depend on him for something. He likes the power of knowing that you need him and he will screw you just for his own pleasure.

Avoid him if you want a pleasant tenancy and if you are an honest and humble person. He’s not, and so I’m saving you here a long period of frustration (and an important amount of money).

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