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Mary Lewis in Ladywell

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Mary Lewis, Ladywell

Reviewed 5 May 2023
A bully and very anal, DO NOT RENT FROM THIS WOMAN. I began my experience being told that I could not remove the plastic from my mattress or I would have to pay for the mattress despite the room advertised as furnished. She then did not address faults in my room such as the broken blinds. She kept one room in the house free to give her a reason to randomly turn up at any given time day or night. This would include bringing her family with her. We had to agree to room checks where she will look through our rooms if we are not there as we are never notified when she will return. Over time she then installed cameras out the front and back of the house and would watch them constantly, one texting my at 11pm saying I was smoking out my window despite my being miles away(she had installed her cameras next to a steam vent). She would argue with other tenants if they moved the “kitchen chairs” from the kitchen as everything had to stay exactly how it was. Finally, the cherry on the cake was when she demanded 150 pounds extra for each tenant for the month as she claimed bills were more expensive despite 2 of the tenants not living there as they had gone home for the holidays. The contract said that bills were included and were fixed unless notice was given. I said that I had thoroughly read the contract and she excused me from the payment yet other tenants who were scared of her payed the fee anyway as they had no where else to stay.

This all became way too much so I decided to leave the house after only 3 months. On my leaving day my transport had broke and I could only transport my stuff the following day. I thought that surely she’d accept one night of storing things in the living room but she tried to charge me for it. The next day I had given a large flight case worth over £200 to my roommate and Mary(thinking it was mine) threw the case onto the street so anyone could’ve had stolen it, luckily my roommate found it in time.

After confronting her by saying she shouldn’t throw my stuff to the street and that I would be leaving a review she freaked out, said she would call the police if I was ever seen at the property.

To finish my review of Mary Lewis(Lewisham) I wanted to share one of her final messages;

I can your belonging outside as you are not a tenant don't store your stuff in my house if I ever see uou in my house I will call the police so keep your idea threats to yourself you got your deposit so do not return or I will let the police remove you

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