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Rachel Wilkinson in Sunderland

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Rachel Wilkinson, Sunderland

Reviewed 8 June 2023
The landlord 'hooked' me by means of agency and went off immediately after, she was messy, making mistakes on dates in contract, gave me a contract after 8 months I have been already paying. When we had a rat problem I found out that it happened year before and she did not solve the problem by stopping holes outside and ways in (possibly that was why tenants went??) . She was not helpful at all, finally she came over only when I told her that I would have paid half rent (money god). I stopped myself the holes with concrete filler and pebbles. I realised she is only after money and llacs repsect for tenants as people; finally she was very harsh and accusing me of not paying rent only because I was late 6 days once. She decided to redecorate the property and she insisted that she would do when we were there, so she stripped wallpaper, leaving floors and our stuff covered with tiny bits of paint, she was not even bothered to place a dust sheet on top. As a result I stopped her and reported to council tenant services, we lived three months with craked and bare dusty walls and my son had to sleep on sofa, having some bad sleep for many weeks. I alm leving a review to warn possible future tenants, since, by the law is expensive to report her through legal proceedings.
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