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30 June 2023
1 star is too high a rating- 0 would be more appropriate. The landlord lacks any sign of empathy or understanding towards his tenants. Resultantly, it is incredibly difficult to communicate with him and come to a resolution on anything. For example, the landlord refused to confront the mould issues with the house despite constant requests from us, the tenants, for almost 8 months. He said it was something we had to accept, going as far to say that we were 'healthy young men' and therefore should be able to weather mould in every corner of the residence which ultimately resulted in skin rashes for one tenant.

Furthermore, it appeared that the landlord was only interested in maximising his own personal wealth whilst providing the bare minimum to tenants. He was lacklustre in addressing our concerns although was more than happy to contact us on any issue concerning money. This also resulted in an awful experience when trying to resolve any issue with the house and the landlord would choose the cheapest, and oftentimes least appropriate solution, to overcome an issue. For example, when the sewage poured out of the toilet into the house, expert cleaning companies advised to have professional cleaners to enter the house, remove the carpet and floors that had been covered in faeces and decontaminate the area. With this in mind, the landlord did the absolute opposite. He removed none of the flooring which was covered in sewage and was adamant he had to do it himself rather than having a professional contractor do the job. Consequently, we had to ask him to come back several times to get rid of the sewage smell as the job was not done properly. Developing on the idea of the landlord intending to minimise costs at every corner, he also tried to mislead us when we moved in. He stated that the garden had been tidied a few weeks before we moved in despite the fact that it was overgrown to the point that one could not walk to the front door as the weeds had overtaken the path. After being questioned further, the landlord reluctantly admitted the gardening had not been done and that he would look at it being done.

I could only advise prospective tenants from avoiding this house. For the price of £735/month, other accommodation could be found which is in a better condition with a more understanding and receptive landlord that does not actively ignore and neglect his property.

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