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Sundra West, Hove

Reviewed 13 August 2023
Wow where do I start...
The worst landlord you will ever have the displeasure of meeting. Right from the beginning of our tenancy Sundra was very demanding and rude. Although you might be taken in by how cheap this student house is , you could save yourself a lot of mental anguish and just pay the extra money for somewhere else. Upon moving in and speaking with neighbours we immediately came to realise that no one liked her with one of the neighbours describing her as "running the house like a prison" and another one telling us about how poorly she has treated students in the past. Not that we needed telling as one of us had already been told a story about a previous student renter that Sundra described very distastefully using derogatory language. And if that doesn't put you off I don't know what will... Upon moving into the property Sundra was very rude to my boyfriend, telling me he had to wait outside whilst she was there. The first few weeks in the property there was an issue with the drains that meant that when a tap in the bathroom was used /someone was having a shower / flushing the toilet the house , particularly the bathroom smelt of sewage. Granted Sundra did try to get this fixed however right through to us moving out and it having been worked on multiple times , it was still just as bad if not worse than when we moved in. The first few months / most of our tenancy Sundra was very much a stress factor, often in someone's inbox more than a few times a month and then would get annoyed when she wasn't answered straight away. Mold is very much a huge issue in this house , my bedroom and everyone else's bedrooms were overrun with mold to the point where I would wake up every morning with cold-like symptoms that persisted for months and only got better when visiting home / moving out. If Sundra was told about mold it was told that "mold is always the fault of the renter".

Throughout our stay it became apparent that Sundra was very much a bully and had taken a dislike to me and one other girl in particular. Sundra seemed to think that my boyfriend was staying more than was permitted in the contract (2 days/nights per week) however he was doing just that , staying 1-2 nights a week if any and would visit me most days after work and go home at night. I first noticed Sundra thought this was an issue when she sent the house a strange email to all of us reiterating this specific rule in the contract (we all thought it was very odd and even jokingly thought she must have cameras in the property) Sundra did this a few times without addressing anyone in particular. However one day Sundra came round and one of the girls in the house was in and proceeded to rant about how my bike out the front (which she had seen and remarked on before and knew was mine) saying it was definitely my boyfriends bike and then proceeded to tell this girl that she "knows my boyfriend is staying longer than the contract says and that she no longer has a contract with me" when asked by the girl where she has got this information from Sundra promptly smirked and stated that she can't tell her and left. Obviously from hearing this I was anxious and confused and upon already facing my own mental health struggles was not an added stress factor I needed. So in order to help , my brother (my guarantor) emailed Sundra asking if this was true , to which Sundra replied that it was just in fact "gossip" and not true. Only to return a few months later and remark to the Same girl "I know that you tell *my name* everything I tell you". Which as I'm sure you will agree is very odd behaviour from a grown woman. After this happened I was in my room when Sundra came over with a workman to sort the bathroom out ,upon leaving with the workman I could hear Sundra talking about me and telling the workman she thought I aught to "grow up", since I saught help from my brother. Which as you can see, is very ironic.
Sundra would also give workmen the keys to our house and on a couple of occasions didn't tell us when they were coming over, when kindly asked by the lead tennant to let us know prior letting workmen into the house , Sundra responded in a childlike manner saying she would refrain sending any workmen around for any reason at all.

The worst part of my whole ordeal at the house was when my boyfriend had come to visit me after work as I was having a really rough time with my depression and had left in order to go home and was sat in his car about to leave when Sundra (who doesn't live in Brighton) suddenly frantically knocks on his window. Very confused, and not even knowing it was Sundra , opened his window, only to be greeted with Sundra having a go at him telling him that he shouldn't be visiting the house and then before leaving telling him that she will be watching. As you can imagine we were both speechless and unnerved by the "I'll be watching" comment " after this I was advised by people at the uni and my guarantor to report this to the police . And so I did , unfortunately as I had no evidence this didn't go anywhere however I still had the crime number in case anything else outrageous happened, which lets face it , wouldn't have been abnormal for Sundra.

When it came to us choosing if we were to stay another year , for practicality we wanted to stay however we had to find 2 more Tennant's as 2 other tenants were leaving , Sundra then proceeded to say we could do it ourselves or she would charge us if she had to find tenants for her own property...(her job anyway).upon finding tenants Sundra emailed me the day after (on a Saturday) asking me if the girls had signed the contracts and had their garentor paperwork ready yet and then proceeded to bombard me with emails day by day until the girls replied with their paperwork. When meeting the girls Sundra was very strange to one of them in particular and made questionable comments towards the girl who is polish about her polish name. The girls then decided since meeting Sundra and seeing her reviews online to no longer proceed with the tenancy as what they had seen was enough .

Also good luck getting all of your deposit back if renting from sundra ! Certainly if she has a vendetta against you you will get less money back with absolutely no justification.
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