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Rivendale Estates Bristol in Bristol

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Rivendale Estates Bristol, Bristol

Reviewed 5 December 2023
The worst part was the landlady. All complaints from all tenants were just ignored or wouldn’t get solved for months. Our contract was with bills included and a cleaner fortnightly. We would also be given a cleaning rota for every other week. There are notices all over the house about effective cleaning and clearly stated in the agreement that if we don’t clean every other week we would be charged an extra fee for a cleaner to come in. Yet, the scheduled fortnightly cleaner would often not show up which I found pretty ironic. Other times they would but they would leave as there would be no one inside to let them in, as the landlord never bothered to inform us of when they would come by beforehand.
Even when things went to plan the cleaning was very superficial so in the end everything was still dirty , sticky and greasy. The most important thing, all complaints to sort all these “cleaner issues” were simply ignored by the landlady, and at the same time she was always quick to send long, angry and accusation texts with photo attachments to **everyone** (including naming and shaming specific people based on her own assumptions, to **everyone**) about the common areas not being clean enough. So what were we all paying for?

I got ill for 1,5 months because of cold radiators and shower. I asked her to fix the issue 4 times , other tenants did it too. It was fixed after 1,5 months. It was October- November, it was freezing in the house. And to add to this there was a cold shower issue and she took weeks to do something about it (in the end the engineer fixed it in 10 mins).

When we would accidentally break any of her (clearly) old appliances or were forgetting to clean something in an ideal way and she noticed it, she would send to everyone personally a long message about how disappointed she was in us and how unbelievable and disgusting our behaviour was. She did it quite often and always in a rude and brutal way, which was pretty annoying given the amount of money we were paying and her own negligent behaviour towards us.

She seemed quite friendly when I met her at first but as soon as I moved in she started to either ignore all my messages or reply to them really dry.

You can not expect any humanity from her. This situation that happened to me shows how much the landlady can not give a damn about you. I had a sudden personal circumstance back in Ukraine which meant I had to leave Bristol asap, so I had to move out 1 month early and break the contract. But because I was 10 days late to give her (1 month’s) notice to end the contract early (which obviously I couldn’t do earlier..) all i got was “no that’s not how it works hun”. My efforts to call her, explain the situation, offer help in finding another tenant and talk to her as a human were then ignored as well as my messages at first, and I had to be firm to get her to finally give in.
To not mention that she is deciding to keep £50 from my deposit because I left a pack of bacon in the freezer and a pair of old shoes outside for garbage collection after I moved out.
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Rivendale Estates Bristol, Bristol

Reviewed 27 August 2023
We rented from Rivendale as students some while ago. When we moved in, the flat was not clean, cobwebs, crumbs etc. We cleaned it from top to bottom.

Promises were made regarding fixing and in some cases replacing broken furniture. These were not kept.

Upon moving out, we were told cleaners would be sent round to clean the property and that the cost for this would be taken out of our deposits. Nobody had been around to view the property to assess condition and we left it cleaner than when we moved in. Despite calling and speaking to the owner, he fobbed us off. I assume because he knew we were in the right. They ended up deducting a good chunk from our deposit without justification and sent a letter to all of our guarantors (parents) claiming they had found drug growing paraphernalia implying that if we disputed the charges to our deposit they would inform the police. What utter drivel and a shady tactic to send such a thing to our parents. Thankfully all of our parents were not conservative and were understanding. Everyone I have spoken to who have used Rivendale have had similar stories.

Tl;dr, avoid Rivendale like the plague.
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