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19 September 2023
Our landlady kept harassing us after we refused a rent increase only after 6 months as she only gave us a short term tenancy and we had agreed verbally to 3 years otherwisewe wouldnt moved in. We caught her on camera letting herself into our property without our permission and then threatening to lock us out if we didnt change the furniture back to where she liked it to be, she accused us of criminal damage and having 5 people living there as she had been spying on us and had seen my other 2 children visit weekends who live full time with their mum, after this she sent us vile messages about being too poor to pay her new rent increases and demanded we moved furniture back to how she liked it, she threatened us with accelerated 14 day court orders and said bailiffs were going to evict us and she would film it live on Facebook.
She challenged me to fight her and messaged our families through face book saying we were scum. Our local housing authority had to intervene and move us as the threats and harassment got so bad, even the police spoke to her that had no effect and assured her there was no criminal damage as they had visited the property, and even though we continued to pay all our rent in full and was fully up to date there was not a single day she didnt message us or email us vile and abusive content and tried to make allegations we owed her rent to the council when they contacted her and then told us she was going to make me bankrupt and homless by stopping and restarting cought proceedings. I have all the evidence that proves everything I'm stating. Stay away from renting this property, to begin with she was really nice, but once we were in and she had our money, we had nothing but abuse, and we are still trying to get our deposit back and going through legal proceedings, as she tried to say we left the property in a dreadful condition even though I have 70 pictures to prove otherwise, even after we had moved out she still messaged me with threats and courts and abusive behaviour, she is now completely blocked as I no longer have to deal with her as its now in legal process.

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