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7 December 2023
All the landlord has done is replaster the hallway and 1 bedroom, to hide the hundreds of empty worm casings and beetles stains. The doorframes were falling so they plastered them and ceiling. We don’t have a kitchen anymore. Doesn’t feel like a home. The leaseholder downstairs spends his days stood outside our front door, taping us on his phone, recording our lives! Due to this property being renovated so, so APPALLINGLY and INSUFFICIENTLY, THERE is ZERO SOUNDPROOFING. LIKE NONE WHATSOEVER. And the leaseholder downstairs blames US!!! He blames myself and My Children for the fact that the beetles have eaten all the insulation that was originally put inside the walls and now the cavities are empty. I’m NOT going to go back to tiptoeing and whispering anymore. The downstairs leaseholder is so uptight and pocessed that hes hovering in the hallway right now!! As I type this, he can hear the clicks and he cannot stand it!!! Every thing I do, he’s there. Because he speaks with a fake posh voice and does acting as a vocation he has managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the landlord. He’s also refused access to the builders assigned to fix the hole in the roof . HE WILL NOT give ACCESS to the side return patio through his house, for the ladders. Pigeons,Squirrels and mice are now residing in my previously clean attic due to it’s huge broken fascia . The bloke downstairs blocked our repair years ago. He got away with it. I’m invisible. My 3youngest children are growing up to believe they DONT Matter . How we are expected to live in this house is a joke. I’ve tried my hardest to create a home for my children,especially after their father passed away. It’s thoroughly disgusting that the leaseholder making all the decisions doesn’t even live in the flat downstairs. They live in a home on our south east coast. They have a multitude of different cars and vehicles. I cannot afford transport.

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