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2 April 2018
He is a former accountant that won’t mind starting construction in your home while you are on holiday and placing a homeless man there when it brings him more money.
It was also illegal as one could not exit the room quickly during a fire. Even side on it was a struggle to get out the room.
16 September 2019
Justin Barrington replied:
I am in fact a Chartered Accountant. The construction works that Andrew Wienand refers to were a requirement from Camden Council. Waste of time and money from my perspective, but if that's what Camden needs for an HMO Licence then who can argue with that. All works were agreed with Andrew before they started and were done whilst he was out of the property on holiday. They resulted in his room being made smaller (so the next door room was bigger). This was explained and his rent was reduced accordingly. The "homeless man" Andrew refers to is a 52 year old man who was a tenant in another property we own. Sadly, he suffered a minor stroke and was unable to walk up the 4 flights of steps in the unit he was living in so we moved him temporarily into this HMO as there are less stairs. This was a temporary situation whilst Camden Council found somewhere for him to move to that was more suited to his disabilities. So if letting a man who has suffered a stroke live in an HMO for zero rent to help him whilst Camden Council Services sorted out their nonesense to house him makes me a bad landlord then I fully accept that title. Personally, I feel good to have helped somebody....And Andrew, I hope somebody helps you if ever you are in a time of extraordinary need like this unfortunate man. Andrew, you lived in my property for over 3 years.....so if it was so bad, why did you stay there? Neither of the issues you have raised resulted in bringing in more money as you have incorrectly stated. In fact they cost me over £6,000 in total. You left the flat quite amicably and I even gave you a great reference to your new landlord. I was totally flexible with your move out date to accommodate your new home. What a shame you chose to finish this tenancy like this....

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