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4 August 2018
Landlord will take the deposit to fix pre existing problems. Slow to fix anything during tenancy. It’s made worse by her rude manner with no problem screwing people over.
3 September 2019
Kathy Horniblow replied:
My tenant had £200 withheld from her deposit, the house cost me £240 to be cleaned. The electrics were signed off as was everything else. She had a brand new oven that was left filthy. The garden was left overgrown. The carpets, which were new, were not cleaned. Curtain poles were broken which I had not be informed about. Any complaint was dealt with within 24 hours. She only started ranting when I passed on the cleaning bill. The original inventory in found nothing needed do doing, yes some of the paint work was tired - it is an Edwardian house. Never renovated, electrics & gas were brought up to standard. Carpets replaced and hall painted. Garden cleared & a new fence. I was called out for ‘asbestos’ in the chimney and when I took out the iron grate & pointed out that it was iron and not asbestos, she made no attempt to apologise. She called me out twice about the new cooker and I called my electrician out - no fault found - she just didn’t know how to turn it on….. I own 5 properties and have been a landlord for nigh on 30 years. Louise Deeming is the only tenant I have ever had issues with. I have only had to withhold deposit once before and the tenant there were given a bill of £450 for cleaning and tip runs. They understood & were in agreement with the charges. I have no idea why Louise kicked off, she saw the invoice from the cleaning company and she saw the inventory out. She also gave me a bad feedback on my photography which is bizarre as she has never used me as a photographer and since I mostly work for farmers weekly she’s unlikely to use me. She was a single mother of two and went back home to live with her parents.

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