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Zhen Jing in Bangor

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Zhen Jing, Bangor

Reviewed 21 August 2018
House was supposed to be managed by Dr. Zhen Jing, but ended up being run by the man she lived with named Liang Dong, who also has properties in lower Bangor. He dictated everything to us and we hardly saw the woman. When we did see her, she barely spoke to us but when she did, she was okay to deal with and easier to talk to than Mr. Dong. I can't write a proper review on her as she wasn't really around and allowed Mr. Dong to deal with us almost 100% of the time. He would enter the house without warning all throughout the day, would be rude and aggressive towards tenants and used the washing machine as though it were his own. He told us not to remove the key from the back door so he could come and go to the washing machine as he pleased. Whenever we reported faulty appliances or complained about damp/mould, Mr. Dong didn't replace anything or take our concerns on board. He did hire someone to look at the cooker for us, but it wasn't replaced or fixed. He allowed us to keep our stuff in the house over the summer period, but then we found that he'd rented the rooms out over summer and allowed people to stay in the rooms that our stuff had been put in. He asked for two months' rent cash only upon arrival with no negotiation at the time. One of the tenants asked if he could have a few days to get the money (£800) and Mr. Dong refused and said he had to pay the next day. He entered your room whenever he felt like it, often knocking once and walking straight in without waiting for a reply. Mr. Dong seemed to treat women differently to men, and intimidated the female tenants once they spoke up and reported the house to the university after no change to the living environment. He was verbally abusive to us for taking action against him and tried to get us to withdraw our complaint.
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