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13 July 2024
Thelma reeves, seasons, Hayes lane, barkham, Wokingham - crook and rogue landlady.
Agree with other reviewer.
Took on live-in childminder role, and rented a room from her as part of that.
Not only not paid me ANY wages, but unlawfully evicted with no notice when complained of living conditions in her house from room rental. She also timed me in shower, refused to allow me privacy in accomodation, banned me from leaving room / house as a tenant without permission, - giving me a 'curfew' as a tenant ( which meant as a tenant she refused to allow me to attend own appointments). Like a prison. Then forced me to use own vehicle/ own resources to carry out all her personal chores - no petrol/ car costs reimbursed. Basically USED ME AS A SLAVE TENANT to do her personal chores with no payment. Was told she had done it to others, they left because of her bad treatment as live in tenants -treating as her personal slave at tenants own expense. I had to deal with her creditors/ debt agencies chasing/calling her. That's not my job as her tenant ! Feared from safety from her, so glad to leave - though through her unlawful eviction because complained at home. She's in paper for her 'wokingham boutique', claims she's 'an accountant', and in media campaigning for her sons rare illness- so assumed she was a reputable person. She's NOT. She is a crook. House is very very isolated, down private road. I had to barracade own room door I rented from her in her house, as she came across as unhinged to be honest. So many red flags, glad I got away from her.
3 April 2017
A crook. Did not use a saftey depoit scheme. Refusal to return my deposit after I had it proffessionly cleaned to an 'end of tennancy' standard. On the grounds of a mysterious wall mark and an 'odor' which only she can smell. I Am currently in proceedings to take to small claims court.

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