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4 February 2024
The live in landlady is extremely standoffish, which is not a probelm for me as I like to keep myself to myself, however she treats tenants like trespassers in her territory. she consistently blanks me regardless of me smiling and saying Hello. The only times she will speak to me is if she wants something, and is always extremely rude when doing so, no matter how overly polite I try to be to compensate.
A few examples to date have been:
1. Her reprimanding me for having a lie in at the weekend, comparing me to a lazy child, despite working 72 hour weeks.
2. Complaining about my few belongings being stored in the garage (as she agreed with) and shifting them to make room for a new garage gym which we sternly ordered me to not step anywhere near.
3. Complaining about me ordering Amazon parcels and demanding to know what was inside (it was a memory foam mattress topper).

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