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19 November 2018
- An elderly woman with deep psychological issues.
- She uses offensive language and inappropriately behaves with tenants.
- Pathological liar: Told me the person in the room I was supposed to live in was overstaying and begged me to stay in her room till she manages to make her go. Turns out the entire scenario was made up and she just wanted to get double the rent without reporting it to the government.
- Stole my bike and denied it.
- Constantly sends threatening messages
- Increased the rent on the contract with a ballpoint pen after I had signed on it.
20 April 2021
Azra Wilson replied:
Why Are Tenants allowed to hide their identity if they are telling the truth as there are two sides to the story??? THIS SITE is for LIGITAMATE comments... NOT for tenants to have a rant at someones expense for no reason??? I work very hard and comply with all legal regulations. 1 allegation) My house is a semi-detached house with brick walls is is kept clean well maintained comfortable and damp free and very affordable.. 2 allegation) As a landlady i have always taken pride and been very careful in a male dominate society . Hence i have a locked separate apartment so do not come into contact with a tenanat. 3 allegation) I have never been abusive aggressive or offensive to anyone!!!! or solicitate. A nasty slander to my reputation. all l can say is this may is a male chevonist!!! 4 allegation) The premises has three separate shower /wc with underfloor heating and tenants separate kitchenette.. 5 allegation) the contract is extremely flexible giving the tenant a week get out claws and is handed to them to read before committing AT NO POINT has anyone ever been held at gunpoint and made to stay.... THE ONLY DEGENERATE PSCO here is the man who thought hiding behind his review would give him amnimity because i know whom you are !!! I feel very sad for you people who havent a life

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