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17 April 2024
Vahab Samadian rented at the time 98 Cotswold Gardens NW2 1PG as multiple occupation house. At one point one of the rentors brought her kid (10-11 age) without discussing with anyone to live with her at her room. Soon she found a new boyfriend and started leaving the kid unattended most of the days and all the nights sleeping alone with the lights on (too young legally to stay alone). When the mother was there she was obviuosly verbally and possibly physically abusive to the girl. Calling her out on this resulted the immense agression being directed at the tennants. Living in the same house we were scared to report child abuse as that would have posed a risk to our lives - the mother has shared her ability to kill. The landlord was informed and done nothing despite savely living elsewhere. He fed the rest of the tennants false information that the process of the woman's eviction has been started but when pressed to give answers admitted to have done nothing, leaving us living in an abusive environment for extended periods of time. The other part of the semidetached house has also at the time started building work on which Vahab gave us no information at all to how loud and how long it could last. The latest inspection resulted in one of the rooms not being allowed to be rented out anymore due to small size. Vahab went along and rented it anyways. On top of everything, another tennant brought his mentally unstable woman "as an emergency for a week". They would start screaming at about 7 pm, yelling, banging doors, windows, making me wake up all through the night, eventually leaving me in a condition where I just layed in my bed trembling unable to fall asleep at all. This lasted for four months leaving me fighting physically to stay alive, communication has been repeatedly dismissed, the landlord, having seen the illegal occupant did nothing. After that he was informed about my ill health and my not being able to function, for which I was further reabused at the house. Not once was I asked by Vahab whether I am allright or I need help. But a single time in several years when his bank account did not click from my rent submission, he raised alarm bells immediately even during the time of Christmas season. No humanity, no remorse, no apology, no responsibility or accountability. Just a burning desire in me to see such individuals leave this otherwise beautiful world for beautiful souls, unlike them, to enjoy.

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