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23 April 2024
We had to end our tenancy early due to the landlords disregarding our right to quiet enjoyment of the property
They live next door and we had no privacy, they would come to the house unannounced, their friends and family would park right next to the living room window
The landlords would lock the access gate to the property at night with a chain and padlock (we found this out on the first night when we were effectively locked in - it was not mentioned by either the agent or landlord at any stage of our application)
On more than one occasion, the padlock would not open and eventually they had to remove it with bolt cutters
They also hid the fact that there is no main sewage at the house, just a septic tank which caused the drains to smell and made us feel sick
The landlords behaved inappropriately on many occasions, making threatening statements and became increasingly vindictive, sending long, incoherent and rambling texts, with personal insults and accusations

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