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4 May 2024
When I arranged the first payments, I made by mistake a payment of more than £1000 to the agency that I shouldn’t have made. I told them, and they reimbursed me quickly with no problem.

The ad photos showed a microwave in the kitchen that was missing when I moved in. Fortunately, the agency bought one for us when I asked for it.

There have been dozens of previous tenants living in the house and they have not bothered updating their addresses. The agencies managing the house haven’t done anything about this, and so, the mailbox gets quickly bloated with mail for lots of people that don’t live in the house. More than once there have been agents trying to check who was still living at the address. It’s like they don’t even keep track of the people they have in their own properties.

I had to chase after the agency for weeks to get permission from them to install internet at the house. They took ages to reply each time.

When I moved into the house, the washing machine was broken. They took two months to get a new one. After that, there were problems with its installation, and it took entire weeks of going back and forth with the handyman to have it stable. We had to attach it to the countertop with wood planks to prevent it from moving. From them on, it would make a lot of noise and make the whole kitchen tremble every time we used it.

The main door was also broken before I moved in. It could be closed, but it could be opened without a key. Anyone could enter the house. In November the agency said somebody would fix it a couple of weeks after I moved in, but nobody showed up. Around April, it was still broken. After chasing after the agency, they finally had someone come to see it, and the guy left the door even worse than before. He removed the faulty mechanism together with everything else, leaving the door unable to close at all. It was left like that for another entire week before the guy came back, finished the job and we could, for the first time, close it well and require a key to open it.

My agency didn’t give me any key for the main door. They told me I had to ask another tenant for her key and make a copy myself. Then, they would reimburse me. I was responsible and did that early after I moved in. The moment the door was fixed it became clear that the two agencies that manage the house gave the key for the main door to almost no one, because suddenly no one could come in.

At the end of the tenancy, they returned me all the deposit with no problem.

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