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Andrew Major in Glasgow

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Andrew Major, Glasgow

Reviewed 4 December 2018
The landlord was very poor. In November the washing machine broke and our clothes were stuck inside, we called the agency to let them know and they said they would have to wait to hear back from the landlord before fixing anything. We called almost every day for over a week but we were always told that the landlord was not responding. It was not until late December when I sent the estate agency an email reminding them that we are paying full rent for appliances as well as the property itself and we were not happy with how we were being treated that the landlord finally decided to respond and send someone to open the washing machine and remove our clothes (which had to be thrown out because they had been in the machine for over a month). We were told the washing machine could not be fixed and the landlord would have to supply us with a new one but this did not happen until another two months later. Later in our tenancy, around May, the toilet had come away from the floor, upon inspection it looked as though it had never been nailed down and it was only staying with sealant, we contacted the estate agency telling them that there was toilet water flooding the floor and they said they would contact the landlord. The landlord never fixed the toilet while we were staying there, we had to live with a broken toilet until the end of our tenancy in October. Another issue was the kitchen lights, as there was no window in the kitchen it was vital for the light to be on both during the day and night as there was no other way to see, one light would not work no matter how many times we tried to replace the bulb and the other light would work for 2 days when a new bulb was put in and then it would blow. We contacted the landlord about this but again the landlord never fixed this, we lived with no kitchen light for months until we moved out. The landlord had the cheek to try and refuse us half of our deposit however after Deposit Scotland reviewed our evidence they agreed that we should receive closer to the full amount. Some of our deposit was taken away because we put up blinds in the bedroom (as there was only a large open window in the bedroom and we felt uncomfortable sleeping knowing anyone could see in).
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