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Sean Pullen, Bristol

Reviewed 5 September 2022
Very poor. Exceptionally so. He was rude, standoffish, and entitled.
He often failed to give proper notice or would tell us he was coming over, then simply let himself in instead of ringing the bell. He randomly imposed rules (no overnight guests, no large potted plants) that had nothing to do with the tenancy agreement (these rules were often enforced when he was bothered and I suspect were a way to get his anger out). He saw a mark on the carpet and said we needed to clean it, we agreed that it would be deep-cleaned when we left the flat at the end of our tenancy. Three days later he came for an unrelated reason and shouted that we hadn't cleaned it yet. We said we had exams and hadn't had time yet, and he said that didn't matter because he "said so".
There was an insurance document with rules to follow. We were not allowed to see it, even though when we signed the tenancy agreement it said we had agreed to it. This document was brought up multiple times by the landlord and his father to control our actions though we were never allowed to read it ourselves "why would you need to see it?" - because we are meant to be following it!
When they came over they would park illegally on the road. When we realised they were not good landlords we asked third parties to be present when they were over. This led to their insistence that we were subletting (we were not.) and the third parties were consistently sent out of the flat to check on the illegally parked vehicles so as to not be present when we were talking.
There was an unenforceable clause in the contract saying that if they could not get a new student tenant group by a certain date then it was our fault and we would be fined. They got new tenants so late because the flat was poor quality and too expensive, so it was a last resort.
Bristol has a surplus of students so it is shameful that management like this is still profitable there.
Living here and interacting with the landlord was a genuine detriment to my mental health.
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Sean Pullen, Bristol

Reviewed 24 April 2020
Sean made mine and my flat mates lives a misery. He was rude, obnoxious and unresponsive. He left repairs for a long time - a bathroom door hung from one hinge for weeks. He made us move out for a couple of weeks during some building works we hadn’t been told about and he refused to work with the builders to ensure they were disturbing us. Absolutely awful experience. Still have emails to back everything up.
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Sean Pullen, Bristol

Reviewed 17 April 2017
Was pretty good at getting repairs done and responding to calls/emails. He did once brag about how much money was to be made from student housing though because of the high demand. Did also charge a lot at the end for cleaning.
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