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21 May 2019
Landlord did come out for minor repairs when requested. However, upon our departure of the property the landlord showed his true colours. Our Washing machine had left two feet indents in his old, old kitchen lino. I'm sure an argument could have been made that those marks falling under "wear and tear" however, the landlord insisted it was damage and wanted a new floor. We offered to replace the floor with the same old, cheap wood imitation lino, however the landlord insisted on a "newer, more modern floor" and wanted to quote us for an expensive replacement. We reminded the landlord that we were only required to pay a contribution towards the value of the original floor (exceptionally old) and we were not required to buy him a new one, especially a "more modern" expensive one. He grumbled that how it's age was irrelevant, we disagreed and informed him of what the illegal practice of "betterment" was. We made a goodwill offer of £100 contribution, just to please him and be done with it. He was still not happy, but begrudgingly agreed after I remined him he'd be lucky to come away with £30 at disputes resolution. Thought that was the end of the matter, until a week after moving out (and a week after having signed off a perfect inventory) he text to say that our cat had "fouled" all over the carpets and he wanted paid for cleaning them. This accusation was/is completely false. We had a cat who was well trained, her litter box was on a hardwood floor, and she never once went outside of the litter tray. Immediately knew he was lying as we'd cleaned the every corner of the house before leaving, and there was not a single issue (besides the aforementioned lino). Of course he's lying, otherwise he would have raised the issue any one of the multiple times he was in the house before we left. Beware this landlord and his wife, they have no qualms about trying to fleece you out of your deposit. We were almost perfect tenants (again just referring to the lino). He must think we are desperate for the deposit, and is trying to fleece as much of it as he can before he releases it. However, we are not desperate (thankfully), so he's free to take his lies to disputes. We have all our communication backed up, and he'll look a lying fool.

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