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30 December 2021
Unfortunately we had an extremely negative experience as tenants here. Delyth appeared friendly and genuine the first time we met her but this quickly dropped after we moved in. Our requests to fix issues in the house were either ignored or met with a sarcastic rude response. We had a serious leak: water from the shower came down into the kitchen, ran through the mains-powered extractor fan and poured all over the hob. When we moved in the extractor fan worked, and when the leak started it broke, but she then tried to claim it was a "decorative" extractor fan (?!) and that it had never worked, which was an outright lie. She lied about work done by plumbers when we had this leak and we had to undergo several extremely stressful months of battling with her to get the issue fixed, which she only did when we got an environmental health officer to visit the house and force her to do the work. When our front door lock broke, she didn’t respond to our attempts to get in touch with her and we had to call out an emergency locksmith, who explained to us that it had broken due to lack of maintenance causing the door to become misaligned and it wasn't our fault. We had to pay him on the spot (nearly £200), but when we sent her the invoice she refused to pay it, claiming that we hadn't got her approval before having the lock fixed.
She tried to claim council tax off tenants who were full time students and sent threatening emails and letters trying to charge thousands of pounds, and we had to acquire proof of student status from the uni to get her to stop. We tried to make the house homely and cosy but the stress of renting with this landlord was constantly uncomfortable and anxiety inducing. It's a shame because it could be a lovely house if it had a more conscientious landlord. I would strongly advise any prospective tenants to avoid renting with her. The house may appear acceptable when you first look around it, but the overall experience was seriously unpleasant.
1 July 2019
Beyond abysmal and without any morals or regard for her tenants or their privacy or property. She frequently treated the place as though the tenants did not exist/ had no right to live there.

- She would frequently turn up and let herself in without prior notice, on some occasions when tenants were not present.
- She moved other people into the house without notifying the other tenants beforehand.
- She moved tenants personal objects about the house and attempted to dispose of others (such as soap, shampoo & a small drinking glass that had nothing wrong with it) as well as stealing the washing up liquid.
- One morning she turned up before 9:00 AM and, without giving any warning, changed the lounge into a large double bedroom (despite renting the house as having a lounge and continuing to fraudulently advertise as such)
- Despite doing this, she left all the personal items that were stored in there (including expensive electronics and sports equipment) in the room and then said NOTHING to ANYBODY about what she had done.
- One time stood in the car park opposite staring at the house for at least half an hour.
- Completely filled up the main bins, meaning the kitchen bin could not be emptied for two weeks
- Did not conduct repairs in any reasonable time frame.
- The contract, despite looking good on the surface, turned out to be bogus and clearly copy/pasted from a different property.

She completely abused her position as landlord and acted in ways that were heinous, obtrusive and beyond the pale. Her behaviour was completely unprofessional and not the sort of behaviour conducted by any decent human being. She was, overall, a horrible and nasty lady who, like the house, seemed reasonable on the surface but was actually not. There were honestly times, when she was present in the house, that I did not want to leave my room. Because of her this did not feel like a home, but a prison.

I would advise anybody thinking of renting off this lady to seriously reconsider.

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