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28 August 2019
Was not given induction by landlord, check-in was performed by a ‘check-in agent’ who, despite being friendly enough, did not know much about the flat or where anything was.

Sadly in the last month of the tenancy I had an unexpected altercation with the landlord. Throughout the two-year tenancy the property had been managed by an ‘agent’ who, owing to them both having the same last name, was clearly the landlord’s daughter. Throughout the tenancy she was fairly incompetent and unreliable but owing to the fact she was quite young and that she would, with enough prompting, get issues sorted eventually this did not pose too much of a problem. However at the end of the tenancy, when she began arranging viewings for prospective tenants, her lackadaisical approach meant that she invariable arranged viewings with less than 24 hours’ notice. This was not a big problem until, one weekend, she contacted me at 5:30pm on a Saturday to let me know she had booked no less than ten separate viewings for Sunday at 12pm. As I had friends coming over for a party I replied saying that this was not appropriate and that she should reschedule. The agent did not think to check her emails until 10:30 on the Sunday and when she did she became hysterical; she called me immediately and let loose with a torrent of abuse before alternating between threatening me with litigation and pleading to my better nature. When that did not move me, she went crying to her father, the landlord, who then called me and threatened to come to the property, let himself in and attack me unless I backed-down and let his daughter show the tenants around. Sadly, faced with the prospect of at best having to fight a middle-aged man, or at worst have to fight a lengthy court case to get my deposit back, I acquiesced and asked my friends to go down to the pub while the viewings went ahead.

As a result, as much as I enjoyed my time in the property I could never recommend renting anything from this pair of self-important sociopaths. If you do end up renting from them, be prepared to deal with a petulant and emotionally unstable child of an agent and a violent, unhinged landlord.

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