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Bob Lancaster in Brockley

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Bob Lancaster, Brockley

Reviewed 13 June 2017
The landlord was pleasant enough as we saw him most days being as we were sharing grounds. However, any time an issue was raised we were made to feel like it wasn't important. For example, we told the landlord we could hear a lot of activity coming from the loft area and he told us to put rat poison up there, at cost to us. We reported this issue several times after confirming it definitely was rats but the landlord didn't feel it was his responsibility to sort out at all, even after we put rat poison up there as instructed. Same with the damp problem - we were told to buy a dehumifidifier. The real issue came when the landlord used his key to enter our property without our knowledge or permission when we were on holiday and had the audacity to leave a note in our living room, criticising us for leaving hamster food out as it "was probably encouraging the rats". That was when we knew we had to move out.
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