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25 September 2021
John Molony represents everything wrong with private renting in the UK. A terrible man that happened to be born at the right time in order to 'farm' human beings in his sub-standard properties for thousands of pounds every month. Extracting rent cash, without having the decently to ensure his properties were fit for human habitation.

His property in Flat 6, Justine Place (E2 0SP) was full of mould and each room smelt of mould. The dishwasher was broken as well as the microwave. Washing machine was also out of order more times that it worked. Shower (caked in mould) was also intermittent.

These weren't coincidences. John Molony is a landlord that doesn't care about the state of his properties. He cares about one thing.... MONEY.

We reported the mould. We were told we were young and 'naive' to do this.

We reported the washing machine and mould/dampness in all bedrooms. We were told he would look to sell the property.

We reported boiler issues. After much persuasion he invited several people round to obtain quotes. He got about 6 different ones, and we could hear him getting angry at being quoted a few hundred pounds. In the end he had his trusty handyman do the work, with a nifty 'cash in hand' payment. To do this he would visit the property with the handyman, and invite himself round five or six times to check everything was working.

God knows how we suffered with this awful man. But even leaving was a huge hassle. He forgot to do gas safety checks on time, so forcefully let himself in. He also brought a letting agent round without permission.
When the person I was living with refused him permission to enter he forcefully make his way into 'his' property.

John Molony is sadly just one of many slum landlords in the UK. Without proper regulation, or any desire from government to resolve the awful, awful, rigged housing situation in the UK, more people will have to suffer from rogue landlords.

I reported John Molony to Tower Hamlets council due to the state of the property, and lack of gas safety checks, but they did not respond to me.
29 March 2021
Let's start with a pros and cons list -

Pros - You will recieve a 10 pound M&S voucher for Christmas

Cons - DOES NOT USE EMAIL. I repeat. Refuses to use email as a method of formal communication without any good reason. Barely answers his phone and will send you multiple essay length texts when he needs something from you. When our tenancy came to an end, we spent 3 MONTHS COMMUNICATING BACK AND FORTH VIA LETTERS IN THE POST.
- Will come into the property at a time of his choosing regardless of whether or not proper notice has been provided.
- Will harrass and bully to try and get his way.
- Will fix some of the issues with the flat, but not all.

We thought we had seen the worst of it over the two years we spent in this flat when he would come and fix things, but boy were we wrong. I could write pages on how terrible it was when we tried to leave the flat (once the tenancy came to an end) but in short it was 3 months of non-stop stress and just feeling awful having to deal with this actual sociopath. It was definitely one of the worst experiences of my life, on par with a death in the family, and we preferred to pay him off in the end than to prolong this a single day more.
There are plenty of normal and nice human beings you can choose to interact with and give your hard earned money to, so you have no reason to engage with this man at all.
25 March 2021
I couldn't imagine a worse experience. John needs to be sectioned. I have just seen the other reviews and wish I knew this website existed sooner so I could warn the poor tenants that followed us.

The toilet broke the day we moved in, John threatened to evict me when I asked for it to be repaired and to be honest I couldn't be bothered with the headache so I hired someone to fix it myself. John was a general nightmare for the year and a half of our occupancy but I'm going to skip to the final month because it was ABSURD. We asked John to fix multiple things over the course of a year to which he refused. As soon as we said we were moving out he sent workmen round as he obviously knew he couldn't rent it in the condition it was in. He even came round himself to 'fix' things; completely unannounced and without notice. We told him this was unacceptable but he ignored our messages. One day, a housemate came home from work and John was in my bedroom, acting extremely shifty. I feel sick imagining how many times he was in my room without getting caught. At this point we wrote formal warnings, stating that he was not permitted to enter the property without permission or 24 hours notice (as the law states) and that one of us needed to be present. He ignored these warnings and emerged from the depths of hell once again. It was at this point we realised the door can't be fully locked from the inside, so even if we were home and locked the door from the inside, John could still open it.

The next day, John waited outside our property until everybody had left, then entered. He obviously didn't realise I would be back so soon, but still refused my calm requests for him to leave. The workman he had brought with him sensibly said "John, if the lady doesn't want us here, I am not going to stay." John grew frustrated and threatening. I ignored his aggression and called the police.

Finally the workman convinced John to leave. I escorted them to the door to make sure John actually left. When we were walking down the stairs John turned around and started screaming in my face... I told him to calm down, at which point he laid his hands on me and raised his voice further. My housemates were intimidated by John, but personally I don't like to be pushed around by homophobic and racist bible bashers so I physically threw John out of the house and barricaded the door. This is when the police walked around the corner and John tried to get them to arrest me for assault (lol).

After we showed the police our formal warnings and Johns responses (which were a tirade of harassment and threats) they advised him that I acted with reasonable force as he was illegally trespassing after harassing his tenants - so if anyone was to be charged, it was him.

Me and my housemates have been lucky to have had only positive experiences with other properties since leaving John's cesspit... I like to think we paid our dues (and then some). I dread to think that he has probably rented to people that haven't been able to move past their experiences with him.

The reason I write this review is that I went to the house today to pick up a parcel I accidentally sent there and the neighbours told me it has been empty for a very long time. So hopefully it will stay that way and John will not have the opportunity to inflict his insufferable ways on anyone else.

I hope the tenants after us that suffered have moved on to much happier places and can now laugh about the stress John caused them like we now can :)

PS - we're pretty sure John is a tax evader.
11 January 2021
John is almost a caricature of how sleazy and greedy a landlord can be. We moved into his property, which was shared with three others, during the pandemic to replace a tenant who had decided to leave, it took him more than a week after we'd moved in to send us the contract for the premises. It was through this correspondence that he first revealed that we would have to cover the rent and deposit for an additional room in the property which had been made vacant during the first lockdown. This was to be the case until another tenant could be found; however, given the global pandemic and the tsunami of available properties throughout the city, this was easier said than done. When we said that this was not what we had verbally agreed to in any of our previous conversations he got incredibly nasty, claiming that it was due diligence for us to ask about this specific situation and told us that we were legally locked into the lease as we had moved in, despite us not yet signing the contract. He continued to pressure and berate us through letters for weeks (yes letters, as he does not have an email and refused to answer any calls or texts). In his defense, he ended up giving us a month to find somebody for the room. However, the one and only person who showed interest in the room couldn't get through to him for 3 weeks and when he finally got in touch with her, she had found somewhere else to live. His bullying and inability to have any sort of reasonable discussion led to us leaving the property. My experiences of dealing with him are undoubtedly some of the worst that I have ever had in dealing with another human being. I cannot possibility sum up in enough words how much I would recommend never dealing with this man.
12 September 2019
Awful, awful man. Refused to do repairs and threatened to sell the house during our first complaint about mould. When dishwasher broke he visited the property five times and still didn't fix the issue. Made himself at home whenever he felt like it and visited the property unannounced on several occasions. Had a general disdain for his tenants despite receiving £3,500+ in rent every month. Rude, sarcastic and little empathy. All he cared about was money and spending as little on repairs as possible.

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