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12 September 2019
He was verbally abusive during inspections and often threatening in emails.

Many of the walls in the local area had cracked from subsidence, and when he found that ours had also cracked he claimed one of us had driven into it, and demanded we pay for the repair. Neither myself or any of my fellow tenants even had a driver's license at the time.
A short while later he stopped at our house and reprimanded us because a stranger's car was parked in our driveway. He claimed this was why the wall had broken, and that we should be stopping people from parking there.
A few days later the same car parked in the driveway, so I went out to confront the driver. He informed me that he was a friend of Milkhu's, and that he allowed him to park there. He gave me his business card, which was for the estate agent down the road. When I confronted Milkhu about this he said he had never heard of him. Yet when I looked on Google Streetview and turned back the age of the photos a few years, I could quite clearly see that at one point the house had a "TO LET" sign that was emblazoned with the name of the estate agent that was on the business card the driver had given me. As Milkhu told us he had owned the house for decades, it seems likely that he knew the estate agent who had managed his property a few years ago.
Around the same time we left a note on the neighbour's car when she also parked on our side of the driveway. When she found it she came to the door and very angrily told us that Milkhu had granted her permission to park there.

When we had the rat infestation he claimed it was our fault, made us pay for pest control, then quietly employed workmen to fill in the many holes in the house that they were entering through.

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