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31 March 2021
Never 24 hours notice. Only came round to pick up his post. Completely disinterested in the tenants. Repairs never done sufficiently. Repair to ovens was a microwave. Bailiffs repeatedly coming round to seize goods as he had not paid for repair work and mislead them about where he lived. NO TENANCY DEPOSIT SCHEME. I have not received any deposit back from him after almost a year and I doubt I will ever receive it, he lied about putting money in a tenancy deposit scheme and came over with paperwork on the last day of the tenancy with the document which unbeknownst to him said he had put the money in on that very day. We used a launderette for months towards the end of the tenancy as rather than just pay someone to fix the washing machine, he decided to have a crack himself, to no avail. He insisted we polish the house within an inch of its life and was left to 2 of us in the house to do it. I spent over £150 on cleaning products and goodness knows how much else on supplies to repair parts of the house myself. Total scumbag and illegal scam artist, any license he has should be removed and you would be wise to keep your distance.
2 October 2019
The last 2 reviews I completely agree with. I didn't know how much of a nightmare this guy would be until entering into any sort of arrangement with him. Ghosts your calls, texts and emails for weeks when it comes to things you need. Additionally, he will also take your money and keep hold of it for weeks on weeks despite promising to return it. Very shifty and untrustworthy. I ended up cancelling my room with him and found a replacement as I no longer trusted him but I had already given him the deposit and first months rent. Again, all my calls and emails have been ghosted and lies such as "I will return your money by the end of the month." furthermore I am not even sure he puts the deposits in a protection scheme which is now Illegal. Seeking legal advice currently and will pursue this in court.
11 August 2018
This past year has been the most frustrating experience I could have possibly envisioned before moving in. The landlord is impossible to get into contact with, and when you finally do manage to reach him, he rolls out the usual excuses "i've been ill in bed all week" etc. Took a week to replace broken freezer, refused to even try to solve our issue with RAW SEWAGE spilling out of our toilet, refusing to get a plumber called out (the landlord was on holiday). He has taken over 6 weeks to return our deposits, absolutely shafting us with charges when we finally did return it. (Ghosted our calls for weeks, citing the fact that he has been "in bed ill all week" (shock) as the reason for his lack of urgency.

Overall really would steer WELL clear of renting with this landlord, as you WILL regret it.
15 June 2017
Mr. Pinder Gill failed to repair a bathroom for the whole of the tenancy we also had problems with the other bathrooms meaning that there were periods where we left with 1 bathroom between 10 people. He often said he was too ill to come and complete repairs but refused to get a third party to come in to do it despite asking several times. In addition, he frequently said he would be over to do repairs then never show up, or just show up out of the blue and stay until late in the evening doing work meaning we never fully got to relax in the house for several months. When he was there he was doing noisy work and left tools cluttering the house. This went on for at least 3 months. He effectively made living in the house a nightmare I'm currently in the process of recuperating some rent via the courts but he has refused to communicate with me at all despite months of emails / phone calls / texts from myself and a lawyer. He has been ordered to pay me money but I expect to have to involve bailiffs in the proceedings. Terrible landlord do not rent from him. I know he has several properties on Hampton Road (BS6) be aware.

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